Variable Data Solutions

Variable Data Printing from Advertisers Printing gives you a proven marketing tool for implementing customer-focused communications, individually tailoring your literature or other documents. And perhaps the most efficient and cost-effective method to reach the right customers at the right time—and with the right message—is through highly personalized, one-to-one marketing via variable data.
  • Proven to enhance your marketing efforts and improve customer response.
  • Enhances your flexibility—layout, text and images can be varied depending on customer needs.
  • Allows for more accurate response tracking.
  • Enables mass customization without mass production.
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    The same message is sent to group of potential customers.

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    Segmented versions are created to better target different audience groups.

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    Each document includes individual customer’s name and address while your marketing message remains the same.

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    Fully Customized

    On each document, content is custom-tailored to specific individuals for greater relevancy and impact.