Digital Print

Digital Printing allows for greater design flexibility, economy and speed to market
Our Digital Printing is actually digital offset, which delivers much higher quality than typical digital printing

At Advertisers Printing, our Digital Printing is actually digital offset which delivers much higher quality than typical digital printing. We use liquid toners versus dry, resulting in print quality that’s not only equal to offset, but in some cases, even better. You get the highest quality digital output available today, while benefiting from significant cost savings compared to traditional printing.

  • Highly effective for short-run projects.
  • Quality that matches and sometimes exceeds offset.
  • Provides time and budget savings versus offset printing.
  • Enables one-to-one targeted marketing via variable data printing for greater response.
  • Allows your digital data to be easily stored and updated.
  • Lends itself to automation, easily transitioning digital jobs from client to printed product without human intervention.
  • Helps implement print-on-demand ordering with minimal setup, eliminating overruns and warehousing costs.

Our digital print options include:

Up to 7 individual colors, including PMS and custom colors

White ink for printing on static cling or colored papers

Inkjet imaging for economical production of 4-color full-bleed envelopes

Clear Ink

In-line embossing

Special effects to increase readership