Certified Sustainable Operations

Advertisers Printing is one of only 50 U.S. printing companies to have earned SGP (Sustainability Green Partner) Certification, the industry standard for sustainability performance.

It’s not only tangible recognition of our continued efforts in sustainability, it proves we’re working daily to reduce our environmental impact while increasing our social responsibility.

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Sustainable Management Policy

At Advertisers Printing, we’re committed to sustainable solutions across all our services and processes. So we continually strive to limit our waste and consumption of natural resources. We also reduce, reuse and recycle materials used in our printing as well as by our employees. Our goal is to conduct business and deliver quality work in an environmentally responsible way—each and every day. And we’ve taken tangible steps to put that promise into practice:

Accomplishments & Programs

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    Comprehensive recycling of ink, paper, metal plates and other materials throughout our operations.

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    Only low-VOC or VOC-free inks and coatings are utilized for printing.

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    Energy Efficiency

    Company-wide improvements made to our facilities and vehicles to enhance energy efficiency and utilization, including 7 Prius hybrid vehicles and the addition of 25kW solar panels on our roof.

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    School-Share Paper Donations

    Program for recycling and repurposing paper goods at schools.

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    "Know Before You Throw"

    Assists our clients with recycling efforts via scheduled pickups of print materials.