Alex Fechner

Director of Business Development

Advertisers Printing is Alex’s second home and has been a part of his life since birth. Most of his childhood weekends were spent at the plant climbing shelves, playing hide and seek, and chasing siblings with the forklift. The press room was his favorite smell as a child. Alex says that print is in his blood, and he has spent his whole life learning the print business. As Advertisers Printing continues to grow into its role in the 21st century, Alex is leading many efforts to keep the work and products the best they can be for all customers.

Alex describes his commitment to Advertiser’s Printing and his love of the business:

“Our work is ingrained in everything I do. I have worked in every department through the years, and I am involved in every part of our process. I drive our success by building relationships. We know that we are not successful unless you are successful. We are laser-focused on making you look your best. It is what drives us, and it has encouraged the creation of some of the most beautiful print pieces over the years.”

At home, you can find Alex enjoying life with his wife and three daughters, who are also growing up with Advertisers Printing. He loves the St. Louis Blues, movies, music, and cooking.

Alex is passionate about the work at Advertisers Printing and takes time to reflect on what makes the business unique.

“Our Direct Mail Enhancement offerings set us apart. From strategizing to reviewing dashboard results, we are focused on giving our clients the knowledge and tools to mail smarter rather than just landing the next order. From building your ideal customer profile, to creating a target audience, we’re a partner in your process. That makes a big difference.”

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