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“John Heaney and Advertisers Printing are great partners. They come to the table with really great ideas and get back to us quickly. They are the best vendor with the best value.”

Jamie Jordan, Express Scripts

Jamie Jordan leads the account management team at Express Scripts. She has partnered with Advertisers Printing for over ten years, both with Express Scripts and with another employer. The partnership between Express Scripts and Advertisers printing has resulted in many contemporary print solutions for this provider of prescription solutions. Working closely together with a print strategist has resulted in great success for Express Scripts.

Print Solutions and Digital Solutions

Express Scripts uses Advertisers Printing for various printing needs, including business cards, direct mail and custom pieces. Express Scripts has especially had good success with a custom direct mail piece with scratch off codes and variable data work. 

Express Scripts benefits from some of the more advanced solutions from Advertisers Printing including regular use of a customized digital storefront.

Better Partners

Jamie values the partnership between Express Scripts and Advertisers Printing. When comparing with other vendors, she says, “The people at Advertisers Printing are just better partners. We have a lot of complicated projects and compliance issues that we have to work around. They always are willing to work with us and bring solutions to the table.”

John Heaney works carefully with her to create sustainable solutions that are better for the carbon footprint of both companies. He often provides many options for minimizing waste.

The consistency and excellent work at Advertisers Printing keeps Jamie and Express Scripts continually coming back regularly for more print jobs and services, including the digital storefront..

“The people at Advertisers Printing are very consistent and very honest. They work with us and will tell us if there would be a negative outcome from something we want to do.”

Jamie Jordan, Express Scripts
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