Print Sales Executive


Who we need:

An experienced Print and Marketing Sales Executive that doesn’t just meet target sales—you destroy them. After all, the more you sell, the more dough you make. If you’re looking to take your career to the next level, we should meet.

Who you are:

You know your clients business and the print business inside and out and are happy to talk shop about either. Your knowledge helps the client make great decisions about what’s best for their marketing and business growth needs. But you bring more. You understand marketing, a wide range of communications tactics, what makes them tick and how they contribute to the client’s ROI. In other words, you’re the total package, not only a print sales expert.

You know that one sale is just the beginning. Your goal – and ours – is repeat business. We do a great job, so that shouldn’t be a problem. Your record speaks for itself. In fact, if your sales record were an actual record, it would be a Gold record. No, Platinum. No, triple-Platinum. Big clients, small clients. You excel at providing the same first-class service to any size client. And treat them with equal respect.

You network and make the calls. You’re a mover and a shaker always meeting and reaching out to new people. But you also come to our team with your own stacked Rolodex of potential clients. It’s all about who you know, right? You like people. And, more importantly, people like you. You’re calm, cool and collected (doesn’t have to be in that order). In fact, they call you the human fire extinguisher for your ability to put out fires. Hey, this is the marketing world and things don’t always run smoothly. But they’re more likely to be smooth when you’re around. Right?

You’re on top of the latest and greatest print technology and the latest marketing trends too. You can inform clients. And when you leave, they think to themselves, “That sales executive really knows their stuff.” And then they start to cry because they’ve found such a trustworthy sales executive. And then we cry too, because we’re so proud. The waterworks are everywhere.
Seriously, though, we’re not saying you have to get invited to Sunday dinners with your clients’ families. But we want them to like you. Like, really like you. And trust you.

You can sell ice to an Eskimo. But you don’t just sell print projects, you build relationships. We’re not looking for used car salespeople. We don’t just sell anything to anyone. We sell answers– we provide whatever helps the client succeed. We’ve built our business on trust. And won an award or two along the way. We’d like to win some more of those awards. So, are you in?

Other responsibilities and requirements

  • You’re highly motivated. If you listen to Tony Robbins CDs in your car, fine. Whatever it takes to get motivated.
  • You build relationships and accounts at all levels.
  • You’re a juggler. Well, not literally, though that would make the office even more fun. But you do juggle accounts. Hopefully, a lot of them.
  • People tend to like you. We’re kind of like a big family. And not the dysfunctional kind. Getting along is important. Especially in a crazy business like marketing and printing.
  • You’re a high-energy kind of person. And your co-workers feed off that positive spirit.
  • You can write persuasively.
  • You’re great with sales technology and standard office programs.

Interested in a trade? You’ll get a competitive compensation plan and benefits package with virtually unlimited growth potential. All you have to do in return is bring your sales talent, relationship skills and positive attitude. Sound good? Then contact me at

A bit about us. Advertisers Printing is an award-winning full-service commercial printing business based in St. Louis. We think big, we print great stuff for clients, and we take our work seriously. Even our sustainability efforts are at the top. We’re the only offset/Digital SGP certified printer in the entire state. But we have a lot of fun doing it. We offer excellent salary and benefits. Equal Opportunity Employer. Qualified minority and female applicants are encouraged to apply.

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