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Need a Big Printer? No Problem! Introducing the HP 10000

Let’s talk about the gorilla in the room. No, not the one wandering around at the zoo, but the 800 pound digital gorilla in our facility. That’s right, at Advertisers Printing, we are the proud new owners of the HP 10000. This monster machine at our headquarters is one of only a few in the United States–a rare sight indeed. But we aren’t afraid of a challenge… so now, we challenge you to think BIG!

How big, exactly? Up to 20.8″ x 29″. That’s the size our HP 10000 digital press handles all day, everyday. It’s a beast that can effortlessly handle anything you throw at it: tabloids, posters, fine art books, canvas wall art, book blocks, over-sized books, more business cards than you’ll know what to do with… you name it, we can print it. Plus, the HP 10000 can chew through a larger quantity than a typical digital press; it’ll print up to two and one-half times as many pieces per sheet. When you send us one of your printing projects, the Advertisers Printing team has already hit the ground running.

Still not impressed? Other features and benefits of our new printer include…

  • Varied Product and Quantity Range: No more waiting hours for basic presses to produce small quantities of products you need dozens of; our digital press is fast and efficient, printing more types of projects in a shorter period of time.
  • Fast to Market… Very Fast: When you supply us with a print-ready PDF, we can be on the press in minutes. And there’s no lost time waiting for ink to dry because printed sheets are immediately ready for finishing. We can produce 20,000 8 ½” by 11” sheets printed 4/0 per hour. Automation easily transitions digital jobs from our clients to beautiful printed products without human intervention.
  • Flexibility: The gorilla gives you the advantage of printing whatever you want however you want it. Print from one to six colors on a variety of substrates: photo canvas, plastic, synthetic, or metallic. Print accurate color on colored substrates using white ink underneath the printed image. Print a different image on every sheet, which allows you to personalize your content for your audience.
  • Environmentally Friendly: At Advertisers Printing, we are committed to sustainable and economical printing–saving you time and money while reducing our impact on the environment. Our digital presses do not require offset plates for each job, which shortens our setup times by up to 90%. This also means no press wash-up, significant reduced energy usage, and up to 90% less paper waste.
  • Consistent Color: Color is king… and HP Indigo Digital Offset is the highest quality color printing available, blowing traditional offset out of the water. Double hits of color and our expanded color gamut brings out the most vibrant hues in your prints. But quality isn’t just phenomenal color, it’s also dedication to absolute consistency. Automated color management and an in-line spectrophotometer lock in color accuracy and consistency between Indigo presses, between Indigo and offset presses, and from sheet-to-sheet during each run. In other words, the shade of red you painstakingly chose on page one will be exactly the same on page 10… or more.

At Advertisers Printing, we specialize in digital printing. In fact, our digital printing is actually digital offset, which delivers much higher quality than typical digital printing. We use liquid toners–not dry–resulting in print quality that’s not only equal to offset, but also, in some cases, even better. You get the highest quality digital output available today while also benefitting from significant cost savings compared to traditional printing.

Digital print options include:

  • Up to seven individual colors, including PMS and custom colors
  • White ink for printing on static cling or colored paper
  • Inkjet imaging for economical production of four color full-bleed envelopes
  • Clear ink
  • In-line embossing
  • Other special effects to increase readership

As you can see, we are ready to tackle any project you might have–now, even the gorilla-sized ones. If you’re still not convinced, check out the capabilities of the big guy yourself and then send us a request for a quote. With the HP 10000, imagination quickly, economically, and effectively becomes reality. Get in touch with Advertisers Printing, a St. Louis Printing Company today.

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