File Connect

NOTICE TO CUSTOMERS: Our FTP upload solution is currently under maintenance. For further questions or alternate methods of upload, please contact

Thank you for your patience as we upgrade our system!

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Questions about File Uploads? Contact

File Connect

File Connect is our efficient and convenient file upload system to move your project into production as rapidly as possible.

PDF: 110 KB

Questions about File Uploads? Contact

File Connect is our file upload solution. It combines standard file transfer with built-in automation to move your job through production as quickly as possible. It is the most efficient/best way to put your files into our workflow. For that reason, we kindly ask that you only use this method to send us files.

First-time users look below.

File Upload Instructions:

Clients should first use compression software (to keep the integrity of the files intact).

For Mac users compress files with Mac finder (archive), Stuffit or Drop Stuff.

For PC users compress files with ZIP compression.

Step #1: First-time Users

Request an upload link by entering your email address below and clicking the “Send” button.

Please Note: Your upload link remains active, please keep it for future uploads

You will receive an email confirming your request and then a second email with the link. If you do not see the confirming email, please check your spam/junk folder. If you still do not see the email, verify the address you put in the form and try again.

Step #2

Start the Upload Process by clicking the link

Step #3

Click the “Add Files” button in the upper left corner

Step #4

Add the First File to be Uploaded

Step #5

Fill out the Upload Form and click “Ok”

Step #6

Add additional files if needed by clicking the “Add Files” button

Step #7

Click on the “Start Uploading” button

Step #8

Logout to start the upload process

You will receive an email confirming the file upload.

If you require a more secure file transfer method, please contact us at