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Top 4 Bestselling Tech Promotional Products

Promotional products are everywhere—pretty much every business has purchased some promotional product for an event or to keep on hand for office visitors as a fun and effective way to boost brand awareness. They’re usually inexpensive, can be designed to your liking, and can put a smile on a prospect’s or customer’s face—because who doesn’t love free stuff?

But as promotional products flood modern marketing strategies, you realize that you now need to find better, more usable products. Pens and plastic cups are easy to find, but also easy to forget. To keep ahead of the competition, businesses need to find promotional products that will impress your recipients. That means businesses need to get more creative.

We’ve found that tech promotional products are some of the more highly used and appreciated products on the market. To highlight this, we’ve put together our top four bestsellers to help spark some ideas for your business’s next tech promotional product purchase.

Phone Grips or Pop Sockets

Selfies are the self-portraits of the 21st century. Because selfies are so popular, phone grips and pop sockets were created to make taking pictures a breeze. These are great promotional opportunities for businesses. Both phone grips and pop sockets are well loved and used by many; every time a user looks at their phone, they’ll see your brand logo. These products are also relatively inexpensive, especially if you buy them in bulk, and you can create a brand-focused logo that fits perfectly to make the phone grip or pop socket more aesthetically pleasing.

Portable Batteries

It seems like smartphone companies can’t keep up with the ever-growing demand for better battery life. While companies continue to make improvements, many people who work or use their phone without access to a wall charger are left to find alternative options. Portable batteries have become increasingly popular to meet these demands and are a great option for promotional products.

We have three popular options depending on battery life needs: compact, high capacity, and solar power banks. Compact power banks fit almost anywhere and can provide a full charge or more when needed. High-capacity power banks are a bit larger but can contain three full charges. Solar power banks are for those really off the grid—a great way to continue charging without access to electricity for days at a time.

Wireless Earbuds

While it may seem that AirPods have monopolized the wireless earbud market, not everyone can afford them—or wants to spend that much on wireless earbuds. Many companies have come out with very similar earbuds that give you the experience and look of AirPods without the price tag.

The cases for wireless earbuds might be small, but they provide a great canvas for a brand logo. And you may be surprised by the reasonable cost, which can get as low as $19.99 per pair depending on how many you buy. These are not meant to be handed out to every person that passes by your booth at a big convention; rather, they’re more intended for hot prospects or valuable customers. Even if someone already owns wireless earbuds, they’re unlikely to turn down a free extra pair to keep in their gym bag.

Portable Speakers

Wireless speakers are all the rage now that technology has made them more affordable and come with great sound quality. Our portable speakers are a great way to show your company name or a small logo, building brand awareness for not just the owners of the speaker but anyone who sees it.

These portable speakers do more than play sounds—they have conference call capabilities, four-port USB data and a charging hub, wireless charging stations, and a three-hole pen and stylus holder built in. While they’re definitely a pricier investment, these are your top-of-the-line gifts perfect for high-end prospective accounts or customers. They’ll appreciate a speaker that does much more than play music, especially for executives always on the move.

Looking for some affordable and exciting tech promotional products for your business? Contact us today to order some of our top products or see what else we have to offer. We also offer graphic design assistance so you can feel confident your logo will look flawless on your new product.

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