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3 Easy Ways to Increase the Impact of Your Printed Marketing Materials

In the last few years, research has proven that print is still alive and kicking. In fact, one study recently found that print advertisements are easier for readers to understand, more persuasive, and more attention-grabbing. With so many positive statistics hinting that you should incorporate print into your marketing strategies, you have no reason not to give it a shot!

Let’s take a look at three easy ways your organization can increase the impact of your printed marketing materials.

1. Focus on Quality Over Quantity in Your Print Marketing Strategy

Given how frequently people open and read direct mail, it may be tempting to bombard their mailboxes with advertisements of all kinds. But before you instruct your team to completely turn your efforts from web to print, consider how your email inbox might look right now. Saturated with junk offers and “buy more” emails, right?

Likewise, nobody likes to open their mailbox and find piles of spammy ads—so how are you going to stand out from the generic print that other companies send?

The best way to take advantage of an impactful print marketing strategy is to focus on quality, not quantity, while still leading with online marketing efforts. Emphasizing quality in print will show your customers that you don’t cut corners and understand what they want to see (which communicates information in a manner that your customer understands and appreciates).

2. Be Intentional About Your Custom Print Design

Even if you spend big bucks on high-quality paper and other snazzy printing features, a poorly designed piece will quickly turn off any customer. If you don’t have a team member who knows their way around Photoshop or InDesign, we recommend consulting with a professional to help you realize the vision in your head.

While designing your piece, you also want to resist the temptation of dumping every flashy new printing trend onto one canvas. In other words, you should be deliberate about how you design your marketing piece—consider the layout, colors, fonts, and how you want your customers to interact with whatever you’re sending. The idea is to make your custom print designing engaging, interesting, and comprehensible—otherwise, it’ll go right into the trash without a second thought.

3. Partner with a Reputable Full-Service Printer

Partnering with a reputable, full-service printer that has years of experience is your best bet for producing impactful print marketing materials. In fact, some printing companies even have marketers and designers on staff who can guide you through the entire process—from concept to print—so you aren’t creating a product blindly.

Advertisers Printing is here to help you better connect with today’s customers. We’re a full-service, sustainable printing company that offers assistance from initial project planning to final distribution. We have decades of experience printing materials ranging from professional business cards to bound books, compelling posters, and even banners. If you can dream it, we can help you print it.

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