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How Marketers Can Thrive Using Print Media

For a variety of reasons, an increasing number of people are choosing to unplug these days. That doesn’t mean they don’t use the Internet or aren’t interested in browsing websites, but it does mean that print media is far from dead.

Print is still widely seen as a credible source—after all, if someone took the time to print an ad and mail it, it must be important! As a result, there are many ways your marketers can utilize print media to increase engagement with target consumers and produce higher conversion rates for your business.

1. Limiting Online Distractions

It’s impossible to ignore online distractions these days—from flashing ads to loud, auto-played videos, it can be difficult to focus all your energy on the content of a website.

Notably, recent neurological research has revealed that readers of print media have a much longer attention span than those reading on the web. This makes a lot of sense when you consider how much you’re bombarded by online distractions!

In short, the act of “deep reading” with print—that is, reading actively and without distractions—allows users to become fully engrossed in your content rather than have their attention bounce back and forth from ads to text, which can limit their comprehension of the information.

2. Attracting Customers to Your Website

Sure, print products sound great, but you may be concerned that print can’t include every aspect of your services. While that’s sometimes true (depending on the size of your service line), it can actually be beneficial to omit some information from your media.

In that regard, using print is a great way to initially attract clients to your website, where you can then provide any and every detail of your services. The odds are they will be more interested in your website because they’ve already developed questions or other interests from viewing your print piece.

3. Standing Out from the Online Crowd

It’s true that using the Internet has become one of the most common forms of marketing and advertising, but in reality, people are more interested in what others are NOT doing. The less print is seen, the more it becomes a bigger opportunity to grab your target audience’s attention.

A well-designed, thought-out piece of print marketing (with relevant content, of course) can pique the interest of a reader much more than an overdone banner advertisement. It’s easy for prospects to tune online ads out, but they’ll take a few more moments to check out an intriguing piece of print.

4. Final Thoughts

It’s important to remember that you can’t just throw out any type of print advertisement and hope that your prospects will be hooked—your audience is still looking for a fluid and innovative design, relevant and easy-to-read content, and a medium that suits their lifestyle.

Advertisers Printing can help you find the best ways to take advantage of print media. We’re a full-service, sustainable printing company that offers start-to-finish assistance on any project you have. From initial planning to final distribution, we have decades of print experience with materials ranging from professional business cards to bound books, compelling posters, and even banners.

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