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Cannabis Packaging Design Trends

Cannabis Packaging Design Trends

Cannabis packaging design is a topic of great interest as the marijuana industry continues to grow across the globe. Because of the increased interest in the industry, the number of marijuana companies, as well as consumers who want to know more about the product, is going to rise. The future of custom cannabis packaging is wide open as companies look for ways to get the attention of consumers and get them to choose their product. 

In this informative article, we will share cannabis package design trends to keep in mind when planning your packaging in the future.

Use Images Representing Cannabis Leaves

Even though this might seem like an obvious idea, there is a reason to use images that remind the public of cannabis leaves. These leaves are instantly recognizable and also an iconic part of the industry. 

Many brands already use this imagery in their cannabis packaging design while also including their own unique twist. You can take this leafy image and make it fit the style of your brand by using your branding colors along with additional design elements that help your packaging stand out from the competition. 

Customizable Packaging

The rise of custom cannabis packaging is something we see more of as the industry continues to grow. Customized packaging stands out to the public and also increases sales thanks to its elevated look that advertises your brand. While consumers are shopping, a plain label for jars or pre-rolls is not as enticing as jars or containers that are designed to spotlight your brand and provide your products an elite look. Don’t forget that design elements such as the color, typography, and texture should work together to create an attractive package that follows the latest design trends. 

Get Innovative With Your Packaging

Packaging design trends are evolving from a simple package to more innovative designs that give customers the opportunity to inspect flowers through a window located in the package. The window allows the public to inspect the product which makes buying it an easier choice for consumers.

With the increasing popularity of edibles, a growing design trend is making sure they keep both their shape and their potency. New design concepts increase the shelf life of edibles while retaining  their shape and strength.

Minimalist Packaging Continues to Dominate

The popularity of a minimalist cannabis package design has come into favor over the last few months. This packaging choice is helpful for anyone who might not have used cannabis in the past or they are only using it for medicinal purposes. For example, minimalist packaging for gummies usually has a bright and inviting look. However, the package label ensures consumers know exactly what the gummy will taste like and how to properly consume the product to enjoy a consistent experience each time.

Sustainable Packaging Is Popular and Good for the Environment

There has been a lot of talk in recent years about reducing your carbon footprint to be more environmentally friendly. Sustainable cannabis package design practices can include implementing biodegradable packaging for your brand or dispensary. In addition, you can make creative use of your logo to indicate that you practice “recycling” which helps consumers recognize the packaging is both free of harmful chemicals and can easily and safely be recycled.

Your cannabis packaging design is an extension of your branding. If you want to incorporate the latest packaging trends in your next design, we are ready to help.  

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