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Successful Retargeted Direct Mail Campaign Strategies

Successful Retargeted Direct Mail Campaign Strategies
Direct mail retargeting is a powerful weapon when planning a direct mail campaign. Retargeted direct mail might sound complicated but it is simply sending a personalized item such as a letter or postcard to a recent website visitor that did not convert or complete the desired action. However, the website visitor did show a strong penchant towards making a purchase from the business, completing the desired application or even subscribing to a newsletter. When designing a direct mail retargeting plan, there are a few things to keep in mind to make sure the campaign is properly planned and executed. Keep reading to see if a retargeted direct mail campaign is a good fit for your business.

Direct Mail Retargeting Should Consider The Stage Of The Customer Journey

It is important in direct mail retargeting to consider the stages of the customer journey you’re targeting. Here are the four stages of the customer journey:
  • Awareness StageOne of the most common prompts for retargeting at the awareness stage is when a user browses an e-commerce site but leaves without making a purchase. Retargeted direct mail can plan for personalized mail to be sent to the consumer soon after they look at your website. For example, if the customer was searching a particular product category in your online store, you could send them a postcard that discusses and spotlights the latest trends in that line of products.
  • Consideration StageCustomers that are considered to be in the consideration stage might browse the same product pages over and over without making a purchase or they might sign up for text updates or an email newsletter from your company. To encourage them to take action, send a direct mail piece that highlights the specific products they were browsing as this can make it easy for them to decide to make a purchase.
  • Purchase Stage The purchase stage is the point where many customers might add items to their online carts but then they abandon the items. Retargeting with direct mail helps to remind customers of the items they left behind. You can even add an extra incentive to the message by offering a discount on the next purchase they make.
  • Loyalty Stage – The goal of the loyalty stage is to entice the customer to make a transaction. With retargeted direct mail, you have the ability to upsell products that complement a recent purchase. You can also provide information that describes the benefits of joining your loyalty program including member perks and long-term savings opportunities.

Understand your Audience Before Starting Your Direct Mail Campaigns

Your buyers take the time to identify their problems, search for solutions, and select the products or services that will take care of their specific needs. Keep the following tips in mind when planning your remarketing campaign.
  • Design a Specific Campaign Creating a successful targeted campaign means segmenting and building your audience according to their current stage in the purchase process. Choose a “trigger type” that will generate customer awareness among those who have not converted on your website. Customize the message to meet your business requirements and launch the campaign.
  • Personalize Direct Mail You need to personalize your message so you are not blocked or ignored by customers. Use data to enhance the consumer experience and market products that reflect the needs of the customer along their purchase journey. First-party cookies let you create a unique and relevant campaign for targeted customers that provides a desirable outcome of a consumer purchase.
  • Don’t Overlook Current Customers Retargeted direct mail is not exclusively designed for web store visitors who viewed products and then left the website. Retargeting can also convert existing customers into brand advocates. Use automated cross-selling and upselling messages to inform existing customers about your latest promotions, specials, products and rewards.
  • Incentivize Buyers Direct mail retargeting can give consumers an incentive to make a purchase and grow your customer numbers.
  • Integrate CRM Retargeting This marketing tool can maximize the effectiveness of a direct mail campaign by specifically displaying retargeted ads to customers whose mailing addresses are currently in your data list. You will have an exact idea of how many people you are contacting which makes it easier to measure the response rate of the direct mail piece. This strategy also helps build your brand name without the need to send customers multiple direct mail pieces in a short period of time.
  • Avoid Overexposure Create a schedule for retargeting customers with direct mail pieces instead of damaging your brand by sending one after another in quick succession. Send your direct mail in periodic intervals such as when you have relevant content or specials to share with customers on your website.
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