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What’s the Difference Between Sustainable Printers And Carbon-Offset Printing

What’s the Difference Between Sustainable Printers And Carbon-Offset Printing

With an industry-wide focus on sustainable printing solutions such as eco-friendly inks, paper that comes from sustainable sources, and energy derived from renewable sources, some printers take “green printing” to heart and execute a sustainable business model. 

Environmentally friendly printing allows them to provide eco-friendly printing services that protect and benefit our shared natural environment. On the other hand, other printers do nothing more than purchase tokens in order to offset their carbon footprint through the purchase of carbon offsets. When it comes to sustainability printing, who will you decide to trust? 

Let us help you make an educated and informed decision by showing you the difference between what it means to be a sustainable printer and a carbon neutral preen printer.

What is Considered Green Printing?

      • Eco-Friendly Printing

    While “eco-friendly” refers to a practice that is not harmful to the environment, it is actually not a term that can be defined as “sustainable.” In general,  “sustainability” means not compromising the safety of future generations while “eco-friendly” means you are trying to not have an immediate impact on the environment. There are multiple ways to perform eco-friendly printing and they include low-energy printing presses, eco-friendly inks, carbon balanced printing, or a mixture of these print methods.

        • Sustainable Printing

      When businesses claim to be sustainable, they mean their products and services, along with their working conditions, are created and designed to make the least harmful impact on the environment. This type of plan ensures their work can continue into the future as they are taking the necessary steps to ensure natural resources aren’t depleted as well as make a possible positive impact on the environment. Thanks to the focus on eco-friendly inks, paper produced from sustainable sources, and energy from renewable sources, print services can be performed without harming our shared natural environment. 

          • Carbon Balancing Printing

        Carbon balancing is when the carbon impact of a product or service is estimated. In simple terms, the equivalent amount of carbon dioxide is either absorbed into the atmosphere or it is stopped from being released.

            • Zero Carbon

          This is when no carbon is emitted from the beginning, so no carbon will have to be captured or offset. As an example, a commercial building or off-grid household that is powered completely by solar and zero fossil fuels is able to promote that it uses “zero carbon” energy.

              • Carbon Neutral Printing

            Carbon neutrality, AKA having a net zero carbon footprint, means achieving net zero carbon emissions through the act of balancing a measured amount of carbon that is released with an equivalent amount that is either offset or sequestered. This process can be achieved by buying tokens from a third party company. These purchased tokens offset the estimated carbon emissions by removing carbon from the atmosphere. 

            Does Your Printer Have An Eco-Friendly Print Certification?

            There are multiple certifications that indicate a different level or aspect of eco-consciousness. We are proud to have the Sustainable Green Printing Partnership certificate (SGP) from a non-profit organization (SGP) that certifies facilities used for printing and packaging as well as the sustainability best practices of the supplier (such as regulatory compliance). SGP promotes innovation and best practices for print community stakeholders. They also bring together the print industry and its customers in a common goal of a more accountable sustainable supply chain.

            The SGP certification is a multi-attribute certification that is specific to the printing industry. This certification takes the entire print facility into account and examines its processes, products, and social areas. It has only been awarded to an elite group of top sustainable printers and is a highly regarded honor among print buyers and the print industry.

            Advertisers Printing Remains Sustainable

            Advertisers Printing has embraced a level of sustainability over the past two decades that is unmatched by others in our industry thanks to our Triple Bottom Line, People/Planet/Profit, and the Sustainable Green Partnership credo: 

                1. We lead by example

                1. We share what we know

                1. We advocate for change on a personal and professional level 

              In addition:

                  • We cut our waste stream to landfill by 80%  (which leaves only 20% of our processes as solid waste that is not reclaimed or recycled) since 2002

                  • Our plant emissions have been reduced by a third since January 2017

                  • We are able to recycle or down-cycle materials in a dozen ways in our facility 

                  • We were the first printer in Missouri to become FSC-certified 

                  • Our LED-UV, 10 color, is free of V.O.C., ozone, and other harmful emissions. The LED curing units on this new press consume just 1/10 the energy footprint of older legacy conventional arc lamp UV curing presses. LED UV provides for a leaner and cleaner environmental footprint, for our workforce, community, and planet

                  • We operate five gas hybrid Prius vehicles and one E.V. to save over 3000 gallons of fuel per year

                  • We have installed a 25k solar array on our roof that includes 101 panels that offset enough renewable energy to power four homes

                If you want to work with a sustainable printer, Advertisers Printing is your number one choice.  Contact us today! 

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