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What is A Union Bug? Questions You Need To Ask Before You Print

What is A Union Bug? Questions You Need To Ask Before You Print

Do you know what a union bug is? If so, you know how to spot one and that the manufacturer who made the item cares about labor rights. (As an added bonus, you will have the knowledge needed to spot union bugs after reading this blog). Union bug printing means the people who created the product paid fair wages and provided good working conditions.

When you include a union print in your design, it shows that you stand with labor union members and that you care about the people printing your shirts. These union members will see the name of your organization next to their local union identity and they will know you support their right to organize a union.

Want to know how to get the union bug on your clothing and other print products? Read on!

What is a Union Printer?

In general, a union printer is a commercial printer with employees that are represented by a labor union. All of the printed materials that are produced by a union print shop display a special mark that is known as a union label and it is printed directly onto the print materials. The appearance of the union bug is there to indicate that the product was made by members of a labor union.

Why Do They Call It a Union Bug?

There is a reason that the union label is referred to as a “union bug” during the union bug printing process. In order to not interfere with the design of the product or the intended message of the printed piece, the union label is kept relatively small on the product. Because of its tiny size, the label that is used by union printers is informally referred to as a “union bug.” Why? Because the label often resembles the appearance of a small insect on the printed sheet.

How Much More Does a Union Bug Cost?

The answer to the question above is…Union bugs are free! If anyone tries to charge you a greater amount of money in order to place a union bug on any item, you would be wise to think twice about working with them. You might even want to make sure they actually know what a  union bug is all about when it comes to the print process. In other words, a union printer should know right away exactly what you mean when you ask for the union bug to be included on your printed materials.

Are you ready to add the union bug to your printed items?  If so, contact Advertisers Printing today.

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