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Review, annotate, and approve projects 24/7 via our online proofing process.

Registered InSite Users

InSite User Guide

Step by Step for first-time users:

Step #1: Request Login Information

Fill out the form below and click “Send”. You will be emailed login information (username and password).

An (*) indicates a required field.

Step #2: Log in to InSite

Login at Please save or bookmark the URL for future use.

Step #3: Choose a Job

After logging in you will be at your job list page. Click on a job to go to the page approval list. Click on either Total or Requiring Approval to bring up a list of pages for review.

Step #4: Choose a Page

Click on a page to start the review process.

Step #5: First-time Setup

Adjust the settings under the File, View, Window dropdowns located in the upper left corner to your preferences. The View settings refer to what you see on the page itself. The Window settings allow you to set which information windows you want open. For all the windows you do want, drag and drop them to the locations you prefer.

Please download the InSite User Guide for a more detailed walkthrough.


  • Shortens Time between Initial Proofing and Final Approval
  • Creates a Digital Paper Trail
  • Comprehensive tool set covers all aspects of proofing
  • Users at different locations can view and critique simultaneously
  • Responsible Process saves Energy, Materials and Cost

The Basic Tool Set:

Is located in the upper right side of the screen. The set includes:

View Tools: pan, zoom in, zoom out

Annotation Tools: text, pen, line, square and oval

Measuring Tools: ruler, square ruler, horizontal guide, vertical guide and densitometer

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