Even the most eye-popping print material can be undone by poor finishing.

From trimming and die-cutting to folding and stitching, Advertisers Connects offers an impressive range of in-house finishing processes to help speed your print job to completion. We never forget, however, even the most eye-popping print material can be undone by poor finishing. So from the start through finishing, we’re always vigilant about delivering the absolute highest level of quality on each and every project. All of which helps eliminate errors, reduces stress, as well as saves your time and budget.

Our finishing capabilities include:


Folding & Gate-Folding



Automated Folding-Gluing


Plastic Coil

In-Line Fold-Fugitive Glue-Address


Laminating – full and spot

Foil – Static and Variable


List prep expertise that runs the gamut from a basic list to a gift array based on previous giving

Whether it’s a flat or dimensional mailing, Advertisers Printing can help you streamline the process and successfully navigate the complexities of direct marketing, thanks to our extensive mailing services. For example, we’ll perform a thorough design review of your mailing piece, ensuring it meets postal regulations for faster delivery and lower postage. We’ll carefully assess your mailing list, making sure it’s clean, certified and de-duped to save on postage costs.

In addition, we’ll check your list quantity against print quantity so we print only what you need, resulting in lower costs and less waste. We also do inserted mailings and “Match Mailings” using camera verification to insure that the personalized pieces inside the envelope match the person and address on the outside of the envelope.

Our mailing capabilities include:

Straight Mail, Inserted Mail, Match Mail with Camera Verification
No need to become a “mailing expert” to execute direct mail marketing.
Ensures your mailing piece follows proper postal regulations for prompt delivery.
Provides list preparation and cleanup via de-duping, NCOA and Cass Certification.
Matches print-to-mailing quantities to save your postage and printing costs.
In-line folding, fugitive gluing and addressing helps eliminate tabs, saving you time and money.


Savings, flexibility, convenience and efficiency from our warehouse to your destination.

For convenience and cost savings, Advertisers Printing offers a variety of professional Fulfillment services such as storefront creation for on-line 24/7 convenience, storage, pick and pack, inventory control and shipping.

Our fulfillment capabilities include:

Provides savings in your warehousing and labor costs.
Allows flexibility to pick-and-pack single items or kits.
Adds convenience of shipping from our facility.
Delivers greater efficiency for your print materials handling.