Increase Engagement 23-46% with Advertisers Connects Direct Mail Enhancement Software

Advertisers Connects is a value added direct mail tool that lowers complexity while engaging your targeted audience on multiple fronts. This approach provides a seamless customer experience across online and offline platforms while also generating a new list of leads!

Benefits of Omni Channel Marketing

  • Increase exposure of Direct mail many times over (40x the size of the mail list in some cases)
  • Greatly Enhance the overall effectiveness of your direct mail campaign by connecting it to 7+ additional channels 
  • Collect any of your data in real time through the customer dashboard
  • New platform interaction results in more customers and increased profits
  • Have a new list of leads for any of your future marketing initiatives 
  • Finally demonstrate impressive attribution on your direct mail campaigns!

“Stop spraying & praying – mail smarter and gather valuable data for it”

Download our case study to see how the St. Louis Holocaust Museum crushed their donation goal of $18 million dollars through Advertisers Connects omni channel direct mail software.

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