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Commingling Mail Will Reduce Postage Costs

Commingling Mail Will Reduce Postage Costs

Does your business run direct mail campaigns on a regular basis? If so, you know how your marketing budget can be stretched, and even shattered, by unexpected increases in USPS postage rates and other shipping rates. It has become common for these increases to occur on a regular basis. Thankfully, the good news is that you have options for reducing postage costs and saving money on bulk direct mailings.

Commingling mail services save money on your postage costs while also providing additional benefits in the process. Direct Mail Commingling, AKA Commingled Direct Mail or Commingling Direct Mail, is when mailings that come from your company are combined with mailings from other companies to meet the minimum postage requirements of the USPS. This mailing method saves money on postage costs while still giving you the ability to send out lower quantity mailings. 

Commingling Direct Mail Means Better Targeted Lists

In addition to providing lower postage costs, your commingling direct mail provider will be able to handle a good portion of the work the post office would normally handle. The act of combining smaller separate mailings creates one large mailing that is sent out as a “bulk mailing” that allows you to reduce postage costs. Commingling direct mail lets you send out smaller mailings while still maintaining the cost advantages of larger mailings.

Another reason that companies love commingling mail is the fact that lower quantity mailings can be delivered to a targeted audience, in a series of multiple mailings, for a cost that is lower than a single large mailing to a non-targeted audience.

Faster Delivery With Commingled Direct Mail

Besides the benefits discussed above, direct mail commingling usually results in a faster delivery time to your target customer  because the mail goes directly to the SCF (the final step of the mail process when it is sent out for delivery). Mail that travels more than a short distance can go through multiple facilities which requires sorting and reprocessing at each facility. On the other hand, pre-organizing mail helps bypass unnecessary stops that allow the mail to reach its final destination at a quicker rate.

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