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Designing Brochures: Mastering Your Print Marketing Strategy

It’s out of your hands now—your brochure, that is. Whether you’ve just handed it to a curious prospect, mailed it to your target audience, or shipped a hundred stacks to be displayed near and far, that simple fold of paper is off to reel in a boatload of shiny new clients—or turn them away entirely.

Good news: You don’t have to leave your fate to chance. Creating an excellent brochure doesn’t have to be daunting or difficult. These tips are sure to help shake those brochure blues and instill the confidence you need (and deserve!) each time a prospect picks up that special little leaflet.

Know Your Business

A brochure is a perfect way to efficiently and strategically communicate the features, values, and successes of your business. Make the most of your print space by prioritizing key information. What’s imperative for your prospects to know? What distinguishes you from your competitors? How can your product, service, or event positively impact that set of brochure-reading eyes?

A well-defined purpose is the difference between a good and poor brochure. Your message must be concise, captivating, and clear.

On the flip side, you’ll also need a thorough understanding of your target market. What is your ideal customer looking for, and how will your business fulfill that want or need? Strategic planning and client profiling are classic approaches to answering these questions.

If you’re struggling with marketing solutions, we’ll help you focus your efforts and define your target market; from there, the perfect brochure begins taking form!

Less Is More

No need to suffocate your brochure and stuff every last corner with information. In fact, doing so could cause more harm than good. Your brochure’s appearance is as equally important as its contents. Skip the clutter: white space is your friend. Don’t run the risk of distracting your reader from the bread and butter of your brochure; instead, visually guide them to the good stuff with a comprehensive yet compelling design.

Align the existing aesthetics of your brand with the design of your brochure. This includes your business’s favored font, color schemes, logos, and imagery. Find creative ways to draw attention with your brochure without straying too far from your core look. Everybody loves neon bubble letters and emojis… But if they’re not typical for your brand, scrap the gaudy elements.

Like it or not, people are going to judge your business by its brochure cover. Give them a taste of what you’ve got to offer and entice them to read on. Use a stellar image or captivating quote to hammer home your message and purpose.

Struggling to visualize your cover? Have a look at our portfolio for some inspiration.

Premier Printing

Convenience shouldn’t take precedence over quality, especially when you’re dealing with an impactful component of your print marketing strategy. Translation: Please don’t print your brochures on the office copier. Leave the printing process to the experts (hint: that’s us!).

We’ll start by choosing the right paper. From there, we offer a multitude of design enhancements, including trimming, lamination, die-cutting, and foiling. Your brochures will be printed just the way you dreamed: no inconsistencies, and no shortcuts—just exceptional print products that you’ll be proud to distribute to your prospects.

Beware: Your flawless design can be sabotaged by a lousy print job. You can’t afford to settle for sloppy folds, patchy ink, or lousy paper that crumples in your client’s hands. Consider how your marketing materials reflect your business. Strive to make these small experiences exceptional—you’ll be sure to reap the rewards.

Ready, Set, Go

You now have the keys to unlock that perfect brochure template. You know your target market and your company’s message like the back of your hand. You’ve got a sleek, succinct design that encompasses the best of what you’ve got to share. Your beautiful brochure has been printed to perfection and is ready to head out into the great unknown.

It’s out of your hands. But following these tips will make parting with your brochure a lot easier.

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