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Six Types of Targeted Mailing Lists for Direct Mail Marketing

Six Types of Targeted Mailing Lists for Direct Mail Marketing

The art of delivering the right message to the right audience at the ideal time is vital to the overall success of a direct mail campaign. For example, saying happy anniversary or happy birthday to someone months after the date or trying to sell sports cars to high school graduates will not get you ideal results and it will waste part of your direct mail lists marketing budget that could be used in the future.

Targeted mailing lists give you the ability to achieve a greater amount of personalization that enhances the appeal of your business to specific, qualified recipients. A tailored and relevant message increases its appeal while also growing customer engagement and response rates for your business.

While targeting at scale was close to impossible in generations past, modern digital printing equipment, such as the HP Indigo 10000 Digital Press, lets you personalize multiple facets of the same segmented list in order to customize the piece to each individual.  

Consumer Direct Mailing List

Direct mail lists targeted towards consumers include individuals who might purchase goods or services for their personal use. The type of demographic data used to create the list can incorporate items such as the geographic area of the person, their age, income and ethnicity, interests, education, and more relevant data that helps you ensure your message is targeted to the right people. 

Compiled Mailing List

Compiled mailing lists are a type of list that is often broader than other targeted mailing lists. A compiled list is used to target certain geographic regions and key demographics. These lists compile contacts and data from several public sources but segmenting the info can help divide the list into more focused categories for better audience targeting.

Homeowner, Renter, or Mover Mailing Lists

A mailing list that targets homeowners can include information on such items as the down payment for the house, type of mortgage, and the purchase date and amount of the home. In addition, a list of renters and their income can be useful for both realtors and mortgage lenders as it can narrow the recipient pool to those who are potentially interested in homeownership and qualified to buy a house. Mailing lists of people who recently moved can help those who are looking for local services, restaurants, or professional businesses.

Response List

This type of list includes people who responded to other businesses that have similar products or services as your company. These lists are available from private list companies, magazines, or direct mail companies. While these prospects did not respond directly to your business, they have shown an interest in your particular products or services which will make them receptive to your business.

Segmented List

A segmented list is much like a demographic list except it uses a very specific set of data to target prospects Some examples include dining out habits, spending/saving/credit usage, vacation patterns, and preferred types of reading materials. Segmentation technology lets you analyze an active customer base for your company and identify similarities within a certain demographic in order to build a list based on common preferences. 

Opt-In List

An opt-in list is often accurate and ideal because consumers have requested to be part of the list. However these lists can be somewhat expensive to obtain as they are considered “prime marketing material” and highly effective. Keep in mind that they can produce an incredible ROI and should be maintained and updated on a regular basis. 

If you need help obtaining or building a mailing list, our team can help you identify the type of list that will give you the desired results.

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