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Why Business Cards Are Still Worth the Investment

With advances in digital technology, creating physical business cards can seem like a dated practice that may not have the value it used to. The truth is that this “old-school” method of providing your business information is still alive today—and it’s still just as effective as ever.

Business cards have long been a staple in personal marketing. Whether you run into a prospect by chance or at an event where you meet dozens at a time, handing over your business card is always an easy and effective way to hold a place in their memory.

The quality of a business card can reflect the quality of your business. They are still a meaningful and more personal way to make a connection with a prospect. Let’s take a look at how well-designed business cards can help your networking efforts.

Supplementing Your Digital Connections

You can always have a prospect connect with you on LinkedIn, but what if they forget your name? Handing them your business card at the end of your interaction can be more beneficial than you think. Something tangible with your information on it is more likely to be kept and remembered.

Most likely, your prospects don’t have many business cards, and if they flip through what they have, they’ll find you pretty quickly. This way, they can then find you on business networking sites like LinkedIn and get any extra information they need. Basically, your business card will act as a bridge between in-person interactions and your digital profile.

Also, if you simply have a prospect add you on LinkedIn, they may not remember when or why they met you. Handing a prospect your business card makes it more likely that they will go back to the office and digitize that information, and possibly even create notes about when they received your info and why. This improves the chances that they will remember you and respond when you send follow-up emails or calls.

Developing the Creative Connection

No matter how hard you try to personalize your LinkedIn account, they all really look the same. Giving a prospect your business card helps them visualize your brand. There are thousands of ways to create a business card that reflects your personal and business style. The days of simple business cards are long gone, and the only way to get your card to really make a statement is to design it properly.

Cards aren’t just hard card stock anymore; they can be soft with a velvet touch, shiny like metal, or matte black for a memorable effect. You can use a variety of typefaces to make your text pop, and there are over a million ways to place images or designs that complement your text. Partnering with your printer to create the perfect business card is a great way to get a professional opinion on how your card looks and reflects your business.

As well, truly creative cards get passed around the office. If a prospect really enjoys your card, they may want to show it off to co-workers as a piece they find visually appealing, which can possibly get you more connections. However, steer clear of fancy card sizes. You want to be sure your card can be easily stored in a wallet, pocket, or purse and doesn’t stick out or bother the prospect, as they may throw it out if it gets in their way.

Final Thoughts

Designing the perfect business card is no easy feat—it takes time and the right team to come up with the perfect visualization of your business and the style you want to convey to prospects. We always recommend consulting with your printer on the variety of styles, paper options, and prints that they have available to you. This way, you can plan your design around the highest quality option for your budget.

Advertisers Printing is a full-service, sustainable printing company that offers assistance from initial project planning to final distribution. We have decades of experience printing materials ranging from professional business cards to bound books, compelling posters, and even banners.

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