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Why Sustainable Printing Solutions at Advertisers Printing?

In a growing digital world, can printing be sustainable and friendly to our environment? Absolutely! Advertisers Printing has spent decades investing in sustainable printing solutions to make our business and our clients’ businesses more sustainable.

HP Printer For Sustainable Printing Solutions

How does Advertisers Printing make you more sustainable?

Over the past 20 years, we have invested in equipment and practices that have moved our business forward and granted us national recognition. We are one of a few printing facilities in the nation with Sustainable Green Printing Partnership (SGP) certification.

What does SGP certification mean?

First and foremost, SGP certification means sustainability is a daily part of our organization. From stringent record keeping, to recycling whatever we can, to special projects that are reported to and monitored by the Sustainable Green Printing Partnership, SGP certification is not a “one and done” event. We are sgp certified partners and maintain our certification through best practices and innovation aligning with our partners to create a more accountable, sustainable supply chain.

Some of our SGP approved innovations and accomplishments include:

  • A fleet of hybrid vehicles
  • Installation of a 25 kWh rooftop solar array
  • Installation of LED lighting throughout our facility
  • Installation of a 10-color press which uses LED-UV drying and chemical filtering/recycling
  • 10-color press
  • First FSC certified printer in the State of Missouri
  • First SGP certified printer in the State of Missouri
  • Implementation of our Plant-wide (SMS) Sustainability Management System
  • An on-staff Director of Sustainability whose credentials include an M.S. in Sustainability and GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) certification

What does Sustainability mean for Us?

So what does sustainability mean? Sustainability means responsibility, love of our planet, and interest in doing the right thing for everyone. From a business perspective, it means we know there is no planet B. It also means that we take an expansive view of business that includes a triple bottom line philosophy of People, Planet and Profit. We are focused on People for increased social responsibility, Planet for reduced environmental impact, and Profit for continuous improvement of operational efficiencies. The triple bottom line philosophy is supported by an economic leg of good jobs, fair wages, security and fair trade; a social leg of good working conditions, healthcare and social justice; and an environmental leg of reducing waste, conservation, restoration, and landfill avoidance. Another word for this is conscious capitalism. Our heart is a part of everything we do.

What does Sustainability mean to You?

If you are our partner, sustainability means working with a partner who knows all stakeholders, including the environment, must profit to have a sustainable future. What does sustainability mean to you? It means we are a partner who understands the difference between capitalism and greedism and delights in going above and beyond to serve our partners.

At a business level, working with us helps you (and us) with our sustainability initiatives. This leads to increased recognition in the business community and increased ability to attract team members whose concern for the environment and higher purpose, ethical business operation is a top priority. On a personal level, it means better overall job satisfaction and sleep at night.

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