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St. Louis Kaplan Feldman Holocaust Museum – Astounding results in direct mail fundraising

“Astounding results! We got close to 15 percent engagement from a direct mail campaign with the help of Advertisers Connects. This was much better than we expected!”

Amy Lutz, St. Louis Kaplan Feldman Holocaust Museum

As part of a long-term relationship with Advertiser’s Printing, the St. Louis Holocaust Museum engaged with Advertisers Printing for a large scale direct mail campaign to potential donors. The results were far beyond what Amy Lutz ever expected.

Excellent engagement results

Amy Lutz worked with Liz Lewis to design a direct mail campaign of 117,000 pieces to go to a group of potential donors. From those 117,000 contacts, after various types of engagement, they had a targeted list of 17,000 potential donors who had engaged with the mailing in some way, including visiting the Holocaust Museum website. Fifteen percent engagement rate is really astounding for direct mail!

Solving unique challenges

With its important and solemn message of telling the story of Holocaust survivors and engaging with the public in an educational role, the Holocaust Museum presents a unique challenge for direct mail and marketing campaigns. The message must be carefully honed to be respectful and engage donors. Advertisers Printing and Liz were able to craft a strong and appropriate call to action with the help of a copywriter and designer. Liz worked with them from start to finish on the project to achieve unexpectedly positive results. Amy was delighted to have full support for the entire project from Advertisers Printing. With such excellent results in hand, the Holocaust Museum is considering the possibility of future mailings using Advertisers Connects to boost engagement. Fill out the form below to read more about how we helped the St. Louis Kaplan Feldman Holocaust Museum.

“Advertisers Printing was a great partner for us in our direct mail campaign, from idea conception to astonishing end results. We will definitely consider their services in the future.”

Amy Lutz, St. Louis Kaplan Feldman Holocaust Museum

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