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Direct Mail Response Rates Are Higher Than Ever

Direct Mail Response Rates Are Higher Than Ever

In a marketing world that relies more and more on digital strategies, direct mail is not dead and it is also not old fashioned. Direct mail ROI is still something companies can enjoy and it has not gone the way of smartphones and social media. Even though direct mail might seem like an outdated idea, it is still a powerful tool in the hands of skilled marketing teams. Direct mail reaches your target audience, gets their attention, and connects with them on a personal level to grow your direct mail response rate.

Take a look below as we explore the reasons why direct mail continues to thrive in a digital world as well as some of the benefits of using direct mail as part of your overall marketing strategy.

Top 2 Reasons Why Direct Mail Is Thriving in 2022

  • Mail Volume is Down
    The good news is that mail conversion rates are up. The bad news is that the growth of email and social media has caused mail volume to drop from its peak of 213-billion pieces in 2006 to 155-billion pieces in 2014. However, the drop in overall mail volume has helped the growth of open and conversion rates for direct mail pieces (especially when compared to email). As a result, each direct mail piece is more likely to be touched, opened, read, saved, and considered. Studies show that 79% of households say they read or scan direct mail ads.
  • Digital Print Creates Better Mail Experiences
    The technology commercial printers use to design, create and manage direct mail marketing has evolved and improved dramatically over the years. Offset printing, which requires printing plates, rubber blankets, and extensive prepress production effort, is now being replaced by digital inkjet printing. Digital presses allow for on-demand printing as well as short turnaround times. In addition, digital printing can create highly personalized mail using “variable data printing“ that allows marketers to personalize each printed piece with the individual name and address of each recipient.

This means direct mailers have the ability to deliver targeted offers to specific audiences. Retailers can send custom mailers to upsell and/or cross-sell their customers within days of a purchase. Marketers now have the opportunity to use mail to give consumers what they want at the exact time they want and/or need it.

Benefits of Direct Mail Marketing

  • Direct Mail Can be More Effective. Even though direct mail and email marketing campaigns provide similar response rates, a recent study showed direct mail campaigns generate consumer purchases at a rate that is five times larger than email campaigns. The strategy of combining email with direct mail led to purchases at a rate of six times larger than email on its own.
  • Direct Mail Stands Out. The public can often receive hundreds of emails each day as opposed to only a few pieces of actual mail. In the same way that digital-first companies, including Glossier and Warby Parker, have started to open physical stores to create a special consumer experience, the act of sending physical mail is a way to stand out from the competition.
  • Direct Mail is Easily Shareable.Many times, an email message or offer will only go to one person. On the other hand, physical mail pieces go to a household. RetailWire reported that 88% of key consumer purchase decisions for categories as varied as automotive, retail, and financial are discussed at home. The delivery and reading of direct mail pieces give recipients a reason to talk over the offer.

As we said at the beginning of this article, direct mail is not dead and it is actually thriving more than ever before. As an example of how direct mail response rate can make a difference in the success of a marketing campaign, take a look at our case study of how we helped the St. Louis Kaplan Feldman Holocaust Museum raise over  $21-million dollars in new donations through a enhanced direct mail campaign.

Direct mail must be part of your marketing mix and if it already is, contact our experts at Advertisers Printing about how to make it better and grow your ROI. Call us today.

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