Going BIG: The Benefits of Poster Advertising

More often than not, consumers are looking down. Between social media advertising, email marketing, and an influx of eCommerce applications, brand awareness starts in the palm of your prospect’s hand. But what happens when they look up?

Despite our predominantly digital era, advertising the “old-fashioned way” has yet to go out of style. In fact, combining your digital marketing efforts with an effective promotional print strategy is the most effective way to hit your targets no matter where they’re looking.

Maybe you already know this. You’ve got a great mailing campaign underway or just had some new brochures printed up. Great! But despite your print efforts, you might still be forgetting something. We’ll give you a hint: Think bigger.

Poster advertisements attract customers old and new in an extremely effective way. Whether you’re a small business owner or a well-established conglomerate, the benefits speak for themselves. Here are just a few:

Visibility. The sky’s the limit—literally. From outdoor venues and shopping malls to subway stations and community centers, posters can be displayed almost anywhere. Strategic placement can better your odds of hitting your target market, too. Let’s say you’re an up-and-coming clothing store. By displaying your posters within shopping districts or at bus stops in your store’s neck of the woods, you’re sure to attract new eyes that have plenty of incentive to visit your business.

Cost effective. The benefits of digital advertising are undeniable; however, top-notch strategies can cost a pretty penny. For example, Google Ads has tremendous outreach capabilities but charges for every interaction with your ad. If you seek a more cost-effective way to advertise to a sea of prospects, posters are an excellent approach. You pay for the poster (and occasionally the advertising space), and that’s it. How you capitalize on your advertisement is up to you!

Targeting. How many times have you closed out of a pop-up ad before you even learned what it was selling? Consumers have grown madly fatigued by an overabundance of online ads. Here’s what a poster can do that digital ads cannot: stay put! Your poster occupies a physical space that cannot be closed out of, swiped away, or quickly dismissed. This gives your prospects the opportunity to give your ad a second glance—and the attention it deserves!

If the benefits of poster advertising appeal to your marketing strategy, you’re sure to have questions about the printing process. That’s our specialty. We’ll satisfy some of your curiosities below:

What size should my poster be? This depends on your advertisement strategy and target market. Take some time to brainstorm effective display areas for your posters. For example, advertising to urban prospects might call for bigger, bolder displays than for a rural target market. Posters in windows will scale differently than ones on billboards. Need help with the brainstorming process? We’d be happy to pitch some ideas.

What should I print my poster on? Posters will weather, especially if they’re frequently handled or displayed outdoors. You want to prioritize durability, both with your print material and your ink. Lamination can also prolong your poster’s lifespan. Our recommendations will vary depending on where you intend to place your poster. For example, outdoor displays will require more robust materials and finishes, such as water resistance. As with sizing, Advertisers Printing is happy to recommend the perfect material for your vision.

What is the best file format for printing posters? You might have a great poster design archived, but if it isn’t optimized for large-scale printing, you won’t be satisfied with your printed results. Saving your design as a print-ready PDF with bleed and crop marks will ensure a fabulous finished product. Starting from scratch? Try downloading a free artwork template for Adobe InDesign or Illustrator.

There’s probably one more question on your mind: What’s this going to cost? We understand that price is an ultimate deciding factor. Luckily, Advertisers Printing offers high-quality, budget-friendly solutions for all of your print needs. If you’re eager to get started on a poster advertising campaign, we’re ready to help you. Contact Advertisers Printing, a St. Louis Printing company today.