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Resurgence of Print Media Marketing vs Facebook Ads

Why the resurgence of print media marketing vs Facebook ads. Building and launching Facebook ads has become increasingly pricey in the last year. With so many businesses hopping onto their ad program, newsfeeds have turned into a “skymall” like catalog that considerably overwhelms consumers.

Facebook advertising is so easy that it’s become inundated with businesses trying to capitalize on the budget friendly platform. Ironically, this has driven up prices exponentially, forcing marketing budgets to set aside much more than expected for Facebook ads, usually resulting in little to no engagement.

The competition is so fierce that many businesses are going back to more traditional advertising routes, in hopes they can break through the clutter and give themselves a unique advantage.

Businesses Leaving Facebook

When Facebook advertising began, businesses could choose how much they wanted to invest in their ads. They can create their own graphics, choose to bring people to their website or Facebook page, analyze the ads, and more. Especially for smaller companies, this was extremely tempting. You could target specific audiences and implement a budget that works for you.

Why are businesses leaving Facebook? Everyone is competing for this small slice of space, and the more you budget, the higher chance you have of getting the impressions you desire. Now, those smaller companies are being bid out, unable to keep up with larger companies with larger budgets. In 2012, Facebook only had one million advertisers. Today, that number has jumped to a whopping six million advertisers.

Due to this, companies are forced to look into new avenues for marketing and advertising that help them stand out from the clutter but can also keep within their budget. This has brought marketers to more traditional strategies, including print media.

The Alternative: Print Media Advertising

With Facebook phasing out, many are looking into other platforms, like Instagram, to continue their paid advertising strategies. However, prices are still pretty high and the feed is getting more cluttered every day. This is appealing to companies because it is still attached to Facebook’s ad manager allowing them to track and analyze how well the ads are doing.

Because of this, print media has made a resurgence. With so many digital advertisements cluttering up customers daily feeds, having something presented to them in print becomes a breath a fresh air. For certain generations, having something in print makes it seem more official or important. As in, they are used to receiving important information on paper either through the mail or other.

Some may be concerned with the ecological impact of using print media advertising. This is valid, but there are many ways to mediate this with the appropriate tools and an environmentally conscious company. Advertisers Printing prides itself in its sustainability practices, as one of the only 50 U.S. printing companies to have earned a Sustainability Green Partner (SGP) Certification. Click here to learn more about our Sustainable Management Policy.

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