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What Does Responsible Marketing Look Like in 2024?

Sustainable Green Printing & Dialed in OmniChannel Marketing for 2024.

Sustainable Green Printing & Dialed in OmniChannel Marketing for 2024.

“It’s Mother Earth and you gotta take care of her.” – Bill Fechner, 3rd Generation Owner, CEO

St. Louis has been home to Advertisers Printing for the last century. First established in 1923, on Washington Avenue, “Printers Row,” Advertisers Printing has been calling this region home and helping to take care of it for the last century. You’ve probably had our work on your refrigerator at some point. We print for St. Louis. The United Way, the Saint Louis Art Museum, the Contemporary Art Museum, the Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra, and the St. Louis Zoo are just a few of the clients we’ve printed for that make their way to your mailbox, on your refrigerator, community bulletin boards and eventually become memories and change makers for our community. 

 “I had a bit of an epiphany with the birth of my son, that I had spent 20 years in a business filling landfills. I was worried about the legacy and the world that I would be leaving so we started chasing things that could have a lighter footprint environmentally.” John Heaney, director of Sustainability, has been leading the charge for the last decade.

John Heaney, Director of Sustainability and Alex Fechner, 4th generation owner inspect solar panels on the roof of Advertisers Printing in St. Louis, MO.
 “We were the first printer in Missouri to become FSC certified and that was a big deal.” The Forestry Stewardship Council certification is pretty meaningful in terms of the way in which we procure paper and where paper is being sourced from, from sapling through production, through print. Heaney realized that the perception of the common consumer was that, you know, why print when we can throw it up on the web and save a tree and this is this is a misnomer because paper is one of the most recyclable materials on the planet.

According to a recently published article for MIT, “the cloud” now has a greater carbon footprint than the airline industry. A single data center can consume the equivalent electricity of 50,000 homes. 

Jean Ponzi, Green Resources manager for the Earth Waste Center at the Missouri Botanical Garden has had the pleasure of working with Advertisers Printing since 2014 in the program that she manages for the Garden, the Saint Louis Green Business Challenge

“Advertisers Printing Company is one of many companies that have used the challenge as an opportunity to grow a culture of green thinking and green practice,” shares Ponzi.

Jean Ponzi - Missouri Botanical Garden
Jean Ponzi of Missouri Botanical Garden showcases Advertisers Printing’s 2021 St. Louis Green Business Challenge Accomplishments and Innovations.

There already was sustainability expertise in-house, thanks to John Heaney’s efforts in getting a master’s in Sustainability through Saint Louis University.

Through obtaining and getting re-certified year after year as a sustainable green printer, Advertisers Printing has introduced many initiatives that are good for business, good for the earth, and good for our region. Advertisers Printing has also printed the annual accomplishments and innovations catalog! You could say we “printed the book” on sustainability and will continue to grow and expand and think differently for our community and our clients. 

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