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Connecting with Print Media: How to Reach Your Customers

Connecting with Print Media: How to Reach Your Customers

As we continue to adapt to living and working in the “new normal” of a world affected by a pandemic, one thing is becoming increasingly clear: things will never go back to exactly how they were pre-COVID. Many workers will never go back to the office (74% of companies are shifting some employees to fully remote) and we will continue to spend more time “plugged in” (4 out of 5 Americans have increased their screen time this year) because of the pandemic.

While opportunities for safe in-person interaction certainly exist, it’s obvious that the global health crisis is pushing people even further into their already digitally-saturated lifestyles of video meetings, countless hours logged on social media, and trying to leverage the latest technology to get more done while juggling family responsibilities and home life.

So, how can your business stand out and foster genuine human connection when it’s starting to feel like we’re living in the Matrix? Start building relationships through print media! Read on for 4 benefits of using print materials to market your business in 2020 and beyond.

Custom Print Produces Emotional Reaction

Connecting with Custom Print Benefit #1: Print Produces an Emotional Reaction

When was the last time you were captivated by a display ad blinking alongside an article you were reading on your laptop? Exactly. To compare the emotional reactions produced by print vs. digital, a joint study from the United States Postal service and Temple University measured a study group’s heart rate and brain activity while they viewed the two types of ads.

In the end, participants chose to examine the print ads longer than the digital ads, and their vitals showed that print literally made their heart beat faster and got them more excited. But here’s where it gets really interesting: the custom print ads also triggered major activity in the area of the brain (“ventral striatum” is the fancy science term) that is responsible for desire and decision making, which can signal a greater intent to purchase.

Whether we chalk it up to our caveman instincts or our increasing numbness to the virtual realm, print makes people more engaged and more likely to buy.

 Connecting with Print Media: How to Reach Your Customers

Connecting with Custom Print Benefit #2: Print Is More Trustworthy

In the era of clickbait headlines and online “fake news” capable of duping even our sharpest friends, people see print as inherently more reliable and honest than what they see Retweeted and shared across the wild west of the World Wide Web. According to a study by MarketingSherpa, 82% of consumers trust print ads, the highest level of trust compared to all other advertising channels.

That being said, just because print is the most trustworthy advertising medium doesn’t mean that you should abandon your other marketing channels altogether: Around 70% of marketing decision-makers say that combining digital and direct mail boosts web traffic, resulting in higher conversions and a better ROI.

Think implementing an omnichannel marketing campaign sounds difficult and time-consuming? An all-in-one solution such as Advertisers Connects can help you enhance your marketing results without having to coordinate all of the necessary elements on your own.

 Connecting with Print Media: How to Reach Your Customers

Connecting with Custom Print Benefit #3: Print Stimulates the Senses

We engage with the outside world with all of our senses, but the messages we receive on a computer or phone usually only engage our sense of sight, sometimes sound (“Where is that  auto-playing video ad coming from?!”) And when you’re on hour 12 of staring at a screen, that sense can become a bit dulled, to say the least.

With the latest advancements in printing technology, physical marketing materials such as direct mail postcards can be upgraded to become a three-dimensional, tactile experience. According to marketing research conducted by University of Wisconsin and Kent State University, tactile sensations can make consumers feel more connected to a brand or product, and increase the likelihood of them deciding to buy.

Imagine flipping through your usual mail stack when suddenly you feel the scales of a lizard, and look down to see an invitation to check out a new exotic reptile store in your city. That’s a marketing piece you’re not likely to forget, which brings us to our next benefit…

 Connecting with Print Media: How to Reach Your Customers

Connecting with Custom Print Benefit #4: Print Is More Memorable

So much of the digital world today is specifically engineered to distract and command your attention right away, and it takes a significant amount of brain power to ignore such diversions. Neuromarketing firm TrueImpact found that direct mail takes 21% less mental effort to process than digital ads, plus it’s much more memorable.

The firm also discovered that, when asked to cite the company name of an advertisement they had just seen, recall was 70% higher among people who were exposed to a direct mail piece than a digital ad. And with modern printers that offer a wide range of paper options, custom die cutting techniques, spot colors, specialty substrates, finishes, and structural designs, you’re guaranteed to find something that will appeal to your customers and help keep your brand top-of-mind.

Ready to start cutting through the noise with a print marketing campaign that will make sure you stand out from your competitors? We’re ready to help! Contact us today to speak with one of our print marketing experts about creating a one-of-a-kind direct mail campaign or print marketing project.

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