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Are Your Print Products Fridge-Worthy? Achieve Magnet Status with the RMGT 9-Series

Following up on our last blog about the sustainability attributes of the RMGT 9-Series, in this article we’re going to examine some of the incredible innovative finishes that this press will enable you to explore. We’re talkin’ the types of finishes that will really make your print materials stand out and help you earn a spot on the front of your customers’ refrigerator for all to see! Let’s take a look.

RMGT 9-Series Innovative Finish #1: High Gloss

The RMGT is capable of producing high gloss LED coatings inline using its retractable coating unit. “Inline” means that the coating is applied in the same pass as the printed sheet, yet another way that this press brings you faster delivery. LED coatings also dry quicker, are more durable, and offer a 10-15% higher gloss level compared to traditional aqueous coatings.

For you, this higher gloss level means stunningly realistic imagery that jumps off the paper and grabs the attention of your customers. You know when you flip through a National Geographic and the high-quality pictures make you feel like you’re transported to the jungles of Borneo or the Swiss Alps? You can achieve a similar (or even better) effect with a high gloss coating.

RMGT 9-Series Innovative Finish #2: Spot Gloss

Akin to the previous finish, a spot gloss treatment is a method for coating printed materials that utilizes the RMGT’s LeoLED Modular Lamp Array to cure a varnish that is placed on select portions of a product.

A spot gloss effect can be a useful tool for guiding your audience’s attention to exactly where you want them to look, which really comes in handy with a multi-page piece. Additionally, it can give your business cards, brochures, presentation folders, and book covers a high-impact, “luxury” feel that will distinguish your company from your competitors.

RMGT 9-Series Innovative Finish #3: Strike-Through

Strike-through is another variety of the matte varnish/gloss finish combo that results in an eye-catching finished product. Compared to spot gloss treatments, strike-through effects work best on dark, high contrast images.

Some printers produce a version of a strike-through-type effect with aqueous coating, but it just isn’t the same. With LED, we cure the ink before the varnish unit, and then apply the LED gloss coating over the top. The end result is a product with sharp, exact registration that makes your images look crisp and lifelike.

RMGT 9-Series Innovative Finish #4: Reticulated Varnish

When a freshly waxed car gets caught in a storm, you know how the rainwater tends to bead up on the shiny vehicle? It’s mesmerizing! It happens because the surface tension of the wax and the surface tension of the rain repel each other, causing the water to group up in small droplets.

Reticulating varnish works in a very similar way: we apply a flood gloss LED coating over a spot varnish in a single pass in order to produce a raised finish. Think your customers will be captivated by such a unique, 3D effect? Science says they most certainly will!

RMGT 9-Series Innovative Finish #5: Metallic and Opaque Inks

Another benefit of the RMGT’s LED-curing is its ability to print metallic and opaque inks such as white, gold, silver, and copper. To achieve this effect, these special inks are run in the first few units of the press and then cured afterward, allowing the wet inks to be trapped over the dry inks.

This enables you to develop high-end marketing materials with just a touch of opulence that will impress your customers and make your competitors envious. The RMGT 9-Series is one of only a handful of presses capable of printing such inks, so opting for this effect will surely help you stand out from the crowd.

Curious to hear which of these finishes would look the best on your next print project? Drop us a line to chat with one of our print strategists about how you can wow your customers with fridge-worthy print products!

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